navtec global-C / global-C plus

Tender Location System, TLS,
A Tender Tracking System for Mega Yachts

navtec manfactures the most reliable emergency beacons for your safety at the high seas.
just in case ...
navtec manufactures a tender location system to track your tenders, dinghies, wetbikes, helicopters and long-boats in real time on the electronic chart system (ECDIS)  of the mother ship.

global-C plus
  • Made in Germany
  • Fully SOLAS & MED type approved
  • Available with and w/o built-in GPS
  • 406 MHz
  • 121,5 MHz
  • Comprehensive self test
  • Remote control option
  • different cradle colours

Tender Location System / tender tracking system

ECDIS example
  • The tender tracking system for your tenders and toys on super yachts.
  • Paparazzi proof due to ciphered transmissions
  • Nearly unlimited number of tenders
  • Electronic chart (ECDIS) interface on mothership and all tenders
  • Reports position, temperature, depth and user defined data
  • Alarm button
  • Back-up battery option for Jet Skis
  • All chart languages are supported
Download product brief in English, German, Spanish or in Russian (link to pdf)

Download product brief in Russian (link to pdf)

Please ask for our EPIRB demonstration DVD video in German/Russian/English.
It is free of charge.

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